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CHAR Tech Announces Production Run of 500 Tonnes of Pelletized Biocarbon at Thorold Facility

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 28, 2024 (GLOBENEWSWIRE) CHAR Technologies (“CHAR Tech” or the “Company”) (TSXV:YES), a recognized leader in sustainable bioenergy solutions, is pleased to announce the imminent commencement of a production run of 500 tonnes of pelletized biocarbon. The pelletized biocarbon is destined for use at various heavy industrial facilities, including ArcelorMittal sites to fulfill a portion of the Company’s previously announced biocarbon offtake agreement.

The production run is an important milestone in the ongoing commercial upgrades at CHAR Tech’s state-of-the-art Thorold facility. Pelletization, also known as densification, is essential for creating a biocarbon that can be utilized as a drop-in replacement for fossil coal. Achieving proper pellet size and density are crucial for its use in heavy industrial applications, including steelmaking and mining, as well as for ensuring effective transportation, handling, and weather resilience.

Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Tech, said “Pelletization of biocarbon is a critical step in meeting the specifications, including physical properties, of met coal to allow for direct drop in-replacement. It can also be a tricky step with a number of different operational factors at play to be able to create a pelletized material that can be used in heavy industrial applications, and that can withstand handling, transportation and weather. We’re looking forward to getting the pelletized biocarbon into the hands of our clients, including ArcelorMittal, over the coming months.”

The global demand for pelletized biocarbon is substantial. CHAR Tech continues to advance its capabilities in meeting this demand with multiple production facilities under development.


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