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CHAR Tech’s high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) process is a continuous autothermal process, where organic materials (biomass, biosolids, organic waste streams) are heated to over 800°C in a completely oxygen-free environment to create two high-value coproducts: biocarbon and renewable energy.


In parallel with delivering these valuable byproducts, the HTP process effectively manages organic waste streams by reducing the total mass of feedstock by up to 90%. This not only contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but also eliminates the associated transportation and management challenges and costs.    

High Temperature Pyrolisis

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CHAR Tech's waste-to-value technologies are making a visible impact. Our technology and services have been designed to streamline operations and decrease both operating and capital expenditures.

By reducing facility footprints and diverting wood and organic residuals and wastes from landfills, we help organizations significantly improve their environmental footprint while simultaneously establishing the production of valuable, renewable resources.


CHAR Tech employs high-temperature pyrolysis technology to transform challenging organic waste streams into two valuable outputs (renewable energy and biocarbon) by heating the materials at extremely high temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

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Our modular approach can adapt to accommodate various feedstock types in different locations, saving costs and optimizing output.

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We cater to your wood residual or organic waste recycling and energy generation needs. You can choose from direct equipment purchase or we can handle the design, build, ownership and operation of the facility.

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CHAR Tech’s proprietary HTP technology runs at a higher temperature than other tested systems, not only reducing the total mass of waste materials by 90% but also eliminating PFAS contaminants, which are “forever chemicals” trapped in waste. 


Organic waste streams come in various forms. CHAR Tech converts a variety of feedstocks into valuable outputs:

Closeup of wood chips


  • Forest harvesting residuals (tree tops, limbs, etc).

  • Forest processing residuals (bark, saw dust, wood chips, etc).

  • Non-merchantable wood.

  • Clean construction and demolition (C&D) waste, primarily end-of-life wooden shipping pallets.

Excavator shovel working on large heap


Solid organic byproducts from the treatment of sewage in a wastewater treatment facility.

A tractor in a filed of crops


Residue or material that remains after harvesting or processing crops. Digestate is the solid residual material from a biogas (anaerobic digestion) plant.

Hay Bales in cultivated hay field


Not sure if your waste can be turned into value? CHAR Tech is constantly experimenting with different solid organic feedstocks to explore how HTP can improve their applications.


We offer a comprehensive range of solutions customized to your unique requirements.   Whether you seek high-quality equipment, full project design, financing, construction, operation, or a combination of these, we’ve got you covered! It’s up to you to decide how we can work with you:

  • We can take charge of everything, from building and owning facilities to their daily operation.

  • We can provide leading-edge technology solutions and integrate them within your systems.

  • We can handle all services and maintenance requirements of the facilities you own.

If you are interested in our proprietary HTP technology, have relevant feedstock, or are keen to work with us in another capacity, please fill up the form below and our team will reach out to you. Join us on our mission to decarbonize the circular economy! 

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