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The solid output generated from the HTP process is a carbon product called “biocarbon.”

This sustainable resource can serve as: 

  • Biocoal

  • Biochar

  • Activated Biochar

  • ​Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Removal Credits (CORCs)

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Biocoal is a greenhouse gas (GHG)-neutral alternative to fossil coal. CHAR Tech’s biocoal, “CleanFyre™” is made predominantly from wood waste and significantly reduces net GHG emissions (*by around 90%), making it ideal for industrial applications like steel, cement, mining and smelting processes.


CHAR Tech’s partnership with the leading steel company, ArcelorMittal


Biochar can be used for soil amendment purposes as it helps improve the physical properties of soil, such as water and nutrient retention. Biochar also sequesters carbon in the soil for the long term, effectively reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contributing to climate change mitigation.

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Activated Biochar

Biochar can be activated physically or chemically using various “activation agents” to form Activated Biochar. CHAR Tech’s activated biochar “SulfaChar™” is made using a blend of specific organic residual feedstocks. Activated Biochar is effective at removing contaminants from water and air, and is typically intended for remediation or purification projects. It also serves as an odour-reduction tool at waste management facilities.


Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Removal Credits (CORCs)

By sequestering carbon in the soil, biochar also generates CORCs, providing an opportunity to generate additional revenue and support sustainability initiatives.  CORCs take advantage of the natural carbon capture properties of wood and organic residuals and wastes and are captured via the pyrolytic conversion into a solid carbon, biochar.  This process is generically referred to as PyCCS (Pyrolysis Carbon Capture and Storage). 

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Customized Solutions:

Our team collaborates with your company to understand your unique needs and develop tailored biocarbon solutions to meet your sustainability goals.

Maximizing Value:

If your company is not primarily focused on biocarbon, our expertise allows us to find the highest value for your HTP-produced biocarbon, ensuring both economic and environmental benefits.


We provide the option for long-term offtake agreements, offering your company stability and security in your biocarbon utilization strategies. 

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