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There is a pressing need to shift to sustainable alternatives and rely less on conventional fossil fuels. CHAR Tech is working on a number of project sites to convert woody biomass residuals into renewable energy. 

CHAR Tech’s high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) process produces hydrogen-rich syngas, which can be further processed into green hydrogen or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

Our goal is to inject RNG directly into existing natural gas pipelines, offsetting traditional gas supply and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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CHAR Tech’s pyrolysis process develops a second output in the form of syngas, which can further be developed into renewable energy. I.e., Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or Green Hydrogen. 

Advantages of Developing Renewable Energy with CHAR Tech:

Closed-loop carbon-neutral solution

Once operational, the HTP process is autothermal – that is, it creates its own energy and does not need external heat sources. A part of this process generates additional heat, which can be captured for various industrial heat load requirements and can be used as a self-sustaining system to power its own processes.

Energy Security and Independence

By relying on locally sourced woody biomass, our projects contribute to energy security and reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels, strengthening regional sustainability.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure:

Our projects are strategically designed to inject the produced renewable energy directly into the existing natural gas pipelines, reducing major infrastructure overhauls. 

Take a look at our current renewable gas projects

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