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  • Who is CHAR Technologies Ltd. (“CHAR Tech”)?
    CHAR Tech is a leading cleantech development and services company, specializing in high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) technology that is used to transform wood & organic residuals and wastes into renewable gases (renewable natural gas and green hydrogen) and biocarbon (biochar, activated biochar “SulfaCHAR(TM)” and biocoal “CleanFyre(TM) ”
  • How many operating business units does CHAR Tech have?
    CHAR Tech operates seamlessly across 4 business units, spanning engineering, environmental consulting, and innovative solutions such as high-temperature pyrolysis projects, biocarbon development as well as laboratory services. This integrated approach allows CHAR Tech to deliver versatile and tailored solutions to meet a broad spectrum of needs in the biocarbon and renewable energy space. The 4 operating business units are: (1) CHAR Tech Solutions, (2) CHAR Tech Biocarbon, (3) CHAR Tech Services and (4) Altech Environmental Consulting.
  • What is CHAR Tech Solutions?
    CHAR Tech Solutions is the HTP engineering design group with core competencies in process engineering, equipment procurement and project management. It is focused on designing and delivering high-temperature pyrolysis projects that are either solutions to suit clients’ specific needs or systems that are owned and operated by CHAR Tech.
  • What is CHAR Tech Biocarbon?
    The CHAR Tech Biocarbon operating group has two principal functions: 1) To pursue R&D efforts to develop higher value biocarbons. 2) To work with CHAR Tech and CHAR Tech Solutions clients to find appropriate applications for the biocarbon produced by the HTP system and establishing offtake agreements for the biocarbon. Besides utilizing the biocarbon and renewable energy produced, various clients are also in the business of using HTP technology to minimize organic waste and eliminate contaminants. CHAR Tech Solutions works with CHAR Tech Biocarbon to develop systems that accommodate client needs while generating a biocarbon value stream.
  • What is CHAR Tech Services?
    With deep knowledge of process systems, CHAR Tech Services provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services for CHAR Tech HTP plants and can provide O&M contracts for HTP clients. CHAR Tech Services is also responsible for a state-of-the-art lab, which is used for R&D and QA/QC purposes.
  • What is Altech Environmental Consulting?
    Altech Environmental Consulting is CHAR Tech’s environmental consulting group that has a proven record of success since 1986. Altech helps its clients identify and implement solutions to meet ESG targets, improve compliance and manage risk. You can find out more about Altech’s services here:
  • What is High-Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP)?
    High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology is a continuous autothermal process, where woody biomass or other organic materials are heated to over 800°C in a completely oxygen-free environment to create two valuable coproducts. Firstly, the HTP process generates a high-quality biocarbon output with high levels of fixed carbon, and secondly, hydrogen-rich syngas that can be applied for renewable energy applications including Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and green hydrogen. The HTP process also helps manage organic waste streams, reducing the total mass by up to 90% eliminating associated transportation and management challenges as well as costs.
  • What feedstock does CHAR Tech use to develop Renewable Energy and Biocarbon outputs?
    CHAR Tech works with a variety of feedstock, predominantly focusing on wood residuals and wastes/biomass, including: Forest harvesting residuals (tree tops, limbs, etc) Forest processing residuals (bark, saw dust, wood chips, etc) Non-merchantable wood Clean construction and demolition (C&D) waste, primarily end-of-life wooden shipping pallets. Other sources of feedstock include: Biosolids: Solid organic materials from the treatment of sewage in a wastewater treatment facility. Agricultural Residues and Digestates: residue or material that remains after harvesting or processing crops. Digestate is the solid residual material from a biogas (anaerobic digestion) plant Other feedstock: We are also constantly experimenting with different feedstocks in our laboratory at our Thorold facility.
  • What is the carbon content of CHAR Tech’s biocoal, CleanFyre?
    Recent tests conducted showed CleanFyreTM (CHAR Tech’s biocoal product) produced from wood waste to contain a fixed carbon content exceeding 85 wt% and an ash content of less than 5 wt%. This biocoal is an impressive drop-in replacement for metallurgical coal and has higher fixed carbon and energy densities than even high-quality metallurgical coal.
  • Is the HTP process / facility efficient?
    The HTP process is autothermal, it creates its own energy after startup, does not need external heat sources, and generates excess pyrolysis gas that can be used for additional renewable energy applications. The pyrolysis gas is immediately treated to generate a clean syngas that is made up of primarily carbon monoxide and hydrogen. A small quantity of this hydrogen-rich syngas fuels the system, and the balance can be applied to generate renewable energy in many forms; heat, electricity, green hydrogen and RNG.
  • Does CHAR Tech own & operate any of its own facilities?
    Yes, CHAR Tech has designed & built its own pyrolysis facility in Thorold, Ontario. The commercial scale-up of Thorold is set to be the largest facility of its kind in Canada, and the only RNG facility in the country to exclusively process woody biomass residuals and create a biocarbon co-product. The facility is adjacent to the Welland Canal and will process approximately 45,000 tonnes (bone dry basis) of woody residuals per year, generate 10,000 tonnes of biocarbon, and produce 500,000 GJ/yr of RNG. It is currently in the final stages of construction and is set to commercially produce biocarbon by mid-2024. CHAR Tech has additional own & operate facilities under development. Check out our PROJECTS here.
  • Can I test my feedstock at CHAR Tech’s HTP facility?
    Feedstock testing will be available at our laboratory in our Thorold facility in Ontario, Canada. To find out if your feedstock is eligible for the HTP process, please contact our representative using the Contact Form in the SOLUTIONS page.
  • Is CHAR Tech a publicly traded company?
    CHAR Tech is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Exchange (TSXV: YES).


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