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CHAR Announces Annual Stock Option Grant

Press Release

TORONTO, Jan. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CHAR Technologies Ltd. (“CHAR”) (TSX-V – YES) announces the Board of Directors has approved the grant of 1,333,000 stock options to directors, officers, employees and consultants of CHAR, which are exercisable into common shares of CHAR at a price of $0.49 per common share in accordance with Policy 4.4 and subject to the rules of the TSX Venture Exchange, and the Corporation's Stock Option Plan. The options have a term of five years and will expire on January 29, 2026. An aggregate of 620,000 options will vest immediately, and the remaining 713,000 options will vest subject to a 12 month vesting period or the successful completion of certain performance metrics.


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