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CharTech Solutions and Synagro Demonstrate PFAS Elimination in Biosolids

CharTech Solutions recently partnered with Synagro Technologies, Inc., a preeminent provider of biosolid and residual solutions services, to demonstrate the performance of CharTech Solutions’ proprietary high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) process to eliminate PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) from biosolids and generate renewable energy and biochar for wastewater treatment sites across North America.

PFAS is a “forever chemical” that is found in hundreds of products and used in numerous applications. It has found its way into wastewater, and as a result, the biosolids generated from wastewater treatment. Studies have examined possible relationships between PFAS exposure and harmful health effects in people. There is proposed legislation in both Canada and the United States to regulate PFAS.

CHAR’s HTP technology has been proven to destroy PFAS contaminants in organic waste streams while producing saleable products, namely biochar and renewable energy.

“CHAR and Synagro have been working together for three years to test and apply HTP technology for biosolids to eliminate PFAS. We are excited to move forward to deploy and demonstrate this innovative biosolids treatment technology at Synagro’s sites to validate HTP for commercial-scale applications,” said Andrew Friedenthal, CHAR’s Director of Business Development.


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