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CharTech Solutions and Synagro Partner for "waste-to-energy" Demonstration Project

CharTech Solutions and Synagro Announce Partnership For High Temperature Pyrolysis Demonstration Project to Eliminate PFAS from Biosolids and Generate Biochar

TORONTO, March 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CharTech Solutions, a division of CHAR Technologies Ltd. (TSXV:YES), has partnered with Synagro Technologies, Inc., a preeminent provider of biosolid and residual solutions services, to demonstrate the performance of CharTech Solutions’ proprietary high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) process to eliminate PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) from biosolids, while generating renewable energy and biochar for wastewater treatment sites across North America.

The importance of eliminating PFAS, often referred to as ‘forever chemicals’, was recently highlighted and accelerated by the Biden Administration announcement that they will strictly limit the substances. In May 2022, the Canadian government proposed the Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2022 to also restrict PFAS further in Canada.

CharTech and Synagro are eager to demonstrate that Char’s HTP is a triple bottom-line solution for biosolids and PFAS elimination. HTP technology transforms organic waste streams (biomass, biosolids, and digestate) into valuable and renewable outputs. By heating biosolids at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, the HTP process can destroy PFAS contaminants, fix carbon in the form of biochar, and produce renewable energy in the form of a high-calorific value and hydrogen-rich syngas. This syngas can be used in a variety of ways, including offsetting natural gas consumption for industrial processes, generating heat, and generating renewable electricity. Financial terms are not being disclosed at this time.

“CHAR and Synagro have been working together for three years to test and apply the HTP technology for biosolids to eliminate PFAS. Our partnership has evolved through each robust and detailed stage of the development process, and we are excited to move forward to deploy and demonstrate this innovative biosolids treatment technology at Synagro’s sites to validate HTP for commercial-scale applications,” said Andrew Friedenthal, CHAR’s Director of Business Development.

“Preliminary testing of HTP on biosolids has demonstrated the process can destroy PFAS contaminants, fix carbon in the form of biochar and produce renewable energy in the form of syngas,” said Donald Song, senior project engineer, Synagro. “The R&D unit will be self-contained with modules for feedstock handling, pyrolysis, biochar handling, gas clean-up and thermal oxidation and exhaust. The deployment of the R&D unit will establish pyrolysis’ operational requirements, fate of PFAS, emissions, and outputs at multiple locations. We believe this technology will be a powerful addition to our extensive experience in operating advanced thermal treatment processes for biosolids.”

“CharTech Solutions’ HTP technology presents an opportunity to transform biosolids into renewable and valuable outputs such as renewable energy and biochar, with the ultimate goal of decarbonizing industry and eliminating forever chemicals from our environment,” added CHAR’s CEO Andrew White.


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