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CHAR Tech Partners with TWD Technologies to Expand Thorold Facility

Overhead photo of CHAR Technologies facility in Thorold, Ontario. Image via. CHAR Technologies.

CHAR Tech is excited to announce its partnership with TWD Technologies Ltd. to expand its cutting-edge High-Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) facility in Thorold, Ontario. TWD, a renowned engineering and construction management company, brings extensive expertise in project development, engineering, and sustainable energy solutions to the table.

Backed by investments exceeding $11.3 million from the Government of Canada and Ontario, the Thorold facility is expected to be the only RNG facility in the country to exclusively process woody biomass waste. Anticipated to be fully operational by early 2024, it will play a pivotal role in fostering a low-carbon economy, aligning

seamlessly with Canada's Net Zero targets by utilizing low-grade wood as an eco-friendly fuel source.


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