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$11.3 Million in Government Funding to Expand HTP Facility

CHAR Technologies Ltd. recently announced that the governments of Canada and Ontario are investing more than $11.3 million to expand CHAR Technologies’ facility in Thorold, Ont., to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) and biocarbon. When operational, the facility will be the largest facility of its kind in Canada, and the only RNG facility in the country to exclusively use woody biomass.

Joint funding is being made available through the Natural Resources Canada Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program and Ontario’s Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program, and will be disbursed in installments during the course of construction from early 2023 to 2025.

At the announcement, CHAR CEO Andrew White stated, “Thanks to the confidence and support from the governments of Canada and Ontario, CHAR is proud to demonstrate what can be accomplished when industry and governments work together towards a green energy transition.”

CHAR’s global first-in-kind, high temperature pyrolysis (HTP) process converts woody biomass to simultaneously produce two highly profitable green outputs ready for industrial application without generating greenhouse gases. When commercially operational, CHAR’s Thorold facility will convert 75,000 tonnes of woody biomass to simultaneously produce 500,000 gigajoules of RNG and 10,000 tonnes of biocarbon per year.

Watch the video of the announcement.


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