SulfaCHAR™ is a cost-effective, convenient, zero-waste targeted gas-cleaning solution for the growing three-billion-dollar global problem caused by toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide in the renewable natural gas industry. SulfaCHAR filters hydrogen sulfide out of renewable natural gas, allowing users to drastically reduce their maintenance costs.

Altech Environmental Consulting is a full-service engineering and consulting firm that partners with businesses to expertly identify environmental concerns. We then proactively recommend appropriate remediation solutions and help our clients measurably improve compliance while reducing risks.

We specialize in corporate management systems, energy and environmental audits and assessments, contaminated site investigation and remediation, health & safety management, training, and industrial hygiene. Through our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge innovation, we help our clients do the best for the environment using the most cost-effective means.

CharTech Solutions is committed to developing and deploying cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable products and solutions to solve environmental and energy challenges while delivering measurable value to our clients.

We continually challenge the boundaries of technology to discover innovative, customized solutions in areas including pollution prevention, waste minimization and water recycling.

Our ultimate goal is to create innovations that significantly improve the environment and save our clients’ money.

CleanFyre is an innovative, carbon neutral, sustainable, environmentally-friendly bio-coal that has a similar identical chemical composition to coal, as well as the same energy and ash profile.

Using CleanFyre is less-expensive than using coal over the lifecycle, which provides businesses with the added benefit of reducing energy costs, while helping the environment.